About iCloud

While browsing through old posts on Facebook, I happened to find that the Beta version of iCloud was released on August 2, 2011. It’s only a little bit longer than one year.

As a staff in mobile app startup, I always pay much attention on newest internet services, OS, apps, platforms, updates, and etc.

I couldn’t quite remember well that if iCloud provided exactly same functions by then as it does right now. For me, now, iCloud is an service feature that I couldn’t live without.

First of all, I backup my iPhone and iPad in iCloud storage. Besides, I sync lots of data between devices by iCloud. For example, documents saved in Keynote, Pages, and Reminder iOS app. Not only apps developed by Apple, the Day One app that I am using to writing this article now also syncs between my Mac and iPhone by iCloud. What’s more, recently I’m using iMessage while texting with friends who are also iPhone user more often than ever, trying to replacing WhatsApp.

For some users of Macintosh and iOS devices, a lot of applications developed by Apple seems to be weird when they were released at once. However, for the time being, we gradually find out those applications become essential features and merge into our daily working habits. As we all have heard much in articles, It’s a company which rarely listen to feedback from users but seem to know more about what users need. Some needs are beyond our imagination.

I can’t imagine what my daily life would be like if iCloud is down for even one day. Variety of Internet services and gadgets do provide people with more probabilities and capabilities in life and work, but maybe we are at the same time tied to them too much.