Seems to lose something but actually not.

A colleague told me something important. My company ‘s cooperation with a foreign company is postponed and may not restart again in the near future. That means, the opportunity of position in that country that my boss once offered to me is eventually in vain. However, I was not disappointed or sad at all.

This is the second time that I lose the opportunity that my boss gives me. The first one was to plan for an important website, which my company help a big digital product company to do EC business. At the time, in Feburary, my executive needed me to help her building the mobile website and App for Feiniu. So my executive persuaded my boss to assign the task to other person. I fully understood my executive’s decision. However, I couldn’t help feeling sort of disappointed. Cause I knew I acquired confidence from my boss on me by planing and launching an mobile website successfully. Being assigned an important task by the boss means a sense of complishment to me.

After Febuary 28th holiday in Taiwan. I went to Shanghai for business trip for the first time. I started working on mobile website and App of Feiniu. And during the second business trip in Shanghai, I accept advice from Stephanie, staying in Shanghai. Now, looking back on the past six months in Shanghai. It’s worthy. I gained much experience while working with Chinese colleagues. And I learned much and leveraged my ability in planing a much bigger project. I have to make many decisions about functions of App each day. For each decision, I have to take every aspect into consideration.

It seems that I will stay in Shanghai until the end of this year. I don’t know where will I be after the Chinese lunar new year. Just keep walking and shipping. I believe there will be many interesting and fascinating opportunities for me ahead in the near future.


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